Construction Site Support

Integrity Burning supports the local construction industry with multiple applications. We provide custom forms for concrete, steel plates for road building, sole plates and tie brackets for structural steel framing, abrasion resistant steel plates for lining loader buckets and chutes, beam supports for spreader bars, crane hooks and accessories. Whatever your immediate needs are for steel plate cut into your desired configuration around the construction site, we can help fast! Our machine shop can drill holes and taper sole plates for bridge construction and our forming shop can bend, roll, or weld the steel plates for your application.

man pouring concrete overpass bridge repair bridge supports

Integrity Burning is a veteran owned company committed to producing high quality steel shapes in a timely manner and at a great value. We can work off of sketches, blueprints, or cad files for your projects needing cut steel. We pride ourselves at serving the industrial community of the Denver/Metro area with quality products for 22 years of continued service at Integrity Burning, and over 106 years now with our sister companies Kendo Inc. and Denver Machine Shop since 1916.